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Future Concerts

The main business of last Wednesday’s Committee Meeting was to settle the repertoire for the next two (yes two) concerts.

John had expressed a desire to perform Ola Gjeilo’s Sunrise Mass. It was written seven years ago and is has become a popular work in that time. “Gjeilo” is pronounced “yellow”, he is Norwegian but lives in New York.

John’s original thought was to perform this in our next concert but it needs an orchestra of 24 so we decided to do this at our next winter concert. So we came up with the following repertoire:

Summer Concert: Madrigal’s and Partsongs from the Oxford Choral Classics series in the first half and Stravinski’s Symphony of Psalms in the second half. We haven’t fixed the date yet as there is some congestion in the concert timetable in Cardiff around the end of June.

Next winter we will do Mozart’s Requiem in the first half and the Sunrise Mass in the second half. Again, we don’t have a date yet.

Termly Report 2014-07-02

Our Summer Concert (June 28 2014) was a great success,  the choir coped magnificently with the Fugue in the Mass and the motets were all performed beautifully. We will restart on September 17 with rehearsals for our Silver Jubilee Concert in late January/early February 2015. The repertoire will be Bach’s Magnificat, Four Spirituals from Tippet’s A Child of our Time and Beethoven’s Mass in C.