Rehearsal Schedule and Resources for our January 2018 Concert

 Our Conductor John Abraham has listed the works we will be performing next January.
These are:
1. Handel’s Dixit Dominus – Novello Edition
2. Duruflé’s Requiem – Durand Edition
3. Finzi’s Magnificat – Boosey & Hawkes Edition
In addition to this John has prepared a schedule of the pages of works to be rehearsed each week that we will meet before the end of November this year,
Autumn-winter 2017 schedule
13/09/2017 Finzi 25-30, Handel 2-7, Durufle 61-65
20/09/2017  Handel 7-9&48-52,  Finzi 2-7
27/09/2017  Handel 9-20, Durufle 27-31
04/10/2017  Handel 30-36, Finzi 8-15 & 31
11/10/2017 Handel 37-43, Durufle 1-9
18/10/2017 Handel 63-69, Finzi 16-24
25/10/2017  Handel 53-62, Durufle 10-16
01/11/2017 HALF TERM
08/11/2017  Handel 70-78, Durufle 17-25
15/11/2017  Handel 78-86, Durufle 32-42
22/11/2017  Handel 86-95, Durufle 49-59
29/11/2017  Handel 2-9, Durufle 66-77
And in addition to the above, Margot Henery has kindly and once again researched miscellaneous resources members can obtain for practising at home.

All available at a cost from Choraline, where options include CD or ‘Easyplay’ download for PC/laptop /tablet/phone:

or tel 01285 644845 or email  [email protected]

(e.g. Finzi costs: ‘Easyplay’ download £8.99 / CD £12.99 before discount)

We have a 10% choir discount available which has been emailed to members (check with your part rep)

All available at a cost on CD only (for at least some voice parts – see below) from Quintus at Saffron Choral Prompt

or tel 01799 586269 or email [email protected]

(£7.50 each; discounts for more)

Finzi: Alto1 & Tenor1 ‘sung at the piano’ / S, A, T2, B1 ‘played on piano’

Handel: S1, S2, A, T, B ‘sung at the piano’ / S, A, T, B ‘played on piano’

Durufle: SATB ‘sung at the piano’ / ‘played on piano’

(also available on loan from the RNIB library, for individuals with a sight impairment)

All available (Handel free, Finzi & Durufle at a cost) on John Fletcher’s website at

played on clarinets; main voice enhanced; no words

But only the Handel is out of copyright (need to register, but no charge)

so you need to register & pay to access Finzi & Durufle

(Individual registration: 1 yr £10 / 6 mths £6 / 4 mths £4

or for a choir, e.g. up to 15 members 1 yr £30 etc.)

John has a great deal of sound files & help to use them on his site & he’s just an ordinary guy who sings tenor with local choirs, so worth supporting

Finzi ‘Magnificat’  – no free online resources that I can find; only other option:

real voices, with words

download for PC/Mac/laptop /tablet/phone, incl. Blackberry/android/eReader e.g. Kindle

One-off $5.99 (£4.56) for an individual or $49.99 for ‘full choir access’

or annual subscription option available$9.95 per month etc. (cancel anytime, downloads remain available)

Free resources:

Choralia website – electronic ‘voices’ with words

Cyberbass website – ‘piano’ plays emphasised part, no words

Learnchoralmusic – electronic instruments, no words (another UK tenor, John, created this website)

(there are other options … Margot may be able to help if you are having problems)


  • Handel ‘Dixit Dominus’

  • Durufle ‘Requiem’


Performance recordings (random, might find better) at:

Durufle –

Finzi –

Handel –