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Invitations to May 6th concert from Elizabeth Sillo (mother of Nicholas, who performed for us in January) and another potential singing opportunity

Margot Henery has edited the post as first written to help explain that this entry is about two concerts, not one. The first is on May 6th as described immediately below and the second mentioned further down is currently being planned.

Elizabeth has emailed John to thank us for giving Nicholas the opportunity to perform in our most recent concert. In addition Elizabeth asked if we are able to contribute to a concert that she is organising with a Welsh-Hungarian theme on Saturday May 6th. The flyer for this concert is included below. Although time is too short for us to respond to her invitation for us to sing any Hungarian / Welsh song from our repertoire, members are encouraged to go along and join in singing e.g. Calon LânAr Lan y Môr and Sospan Fach.

Elizabeth says: “The inspiration is based on a new cultural cooperation between the Welsh and the Hungarian Government in several cultural projects” and “my concert is the first step.”

“The basic idea came from Karl Jenkins who composed an oratorio (cantata) on a Hungarian poem called ‘The Bards of Wales’. It is a Welsh historical theme and legend about the Montgomery Bards massacre and interestingly all of us know the poem in Hungary. Janos Arany, the poet  became an honorary citizen of Wales just few weeks ago.” Related links to find out more at:

A performance of ‘The Bards of Wales’ itself is being organised in Cardiff right now and, although she can’t promise anything yet, Elizabeth has recommended Canton Chorus for that, so watch this space for developments!

(for more info, please contact your section leaders or myself [email protected])